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If you change your job or working pattern

Any decision you make that affects your level of earnings, such as changing your job or changing the number of hours that you work, may affect your expected pension.

If you change your working pattern and you are over age 55, you may be able to take some of your pension at the same time. This is known as flexible retirement.

If you need to take some time away from work

Most absences from work are for a short period of time, so your membership of UMSS would not be affected. If you are away from work for a long time, but remain employed by the University, contact the Pensions Office to find out what effect your absence might have on your membership.

If you need to take parental leave

If you take statutory maternity / paternity / adoption / parental leave, you will remain covered by the full range of benefits and pay contributions based on the pay you receive.

If you are receiving statutory maternity pay only, the University will pay the balance of both your contributions and the University's contributions. If you receive statutory maternity pay only and make your contributions through PensionChoice, the University will pay all pension costs for this period. You don’t have to make contributions during any periods of unpaid maternity leave. You can choose to make up your contributions when you return to work but, if you do not do so, the period of unpaid maternity leave will not count towards your pension and lump sum.

Visit StaffNet for more information about the University’s Maternity Leave policy.

If you die while you’re working here

The following benefits are available if you die while you are contributing to UMSS:

If no pension can be paid, a refund of your contributions, plus interest, will be made to your estate.

Use the nomination form if you would like to nominate who your death-in-service lump sum benefit will go to.