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Sustainable investment

We work hard to ensure that our investment strategy is sustainable.

Here we talk to our investment consultant, Andy Wallis, about what sustainable investment is and why it matters.

More information on the Scheme's investments is contained in the Scheme's Statement of Investment Principles and Summary of Investment Arrangements which are available in the documents section.

The Trustee's investment strategy aims to ensure UMSS has enough money to pay your benefits. The strategy we adopt takes into account the contributions paid by members and the University to finance the Scheme.

The most important decision that the Trustee takes in setting this strategy is the balance between different types of investment, especially the balance between investments expected to provide higher but more variable returns and those investments expected to provide lower but more stable returns.

UMSS's investment managers are appointed by the Trustee to manage the Scheme’s investments on a day-to-day basis in line with the long term investment strategy.

You can find out more about the investment managers in the ‘Your investment managers’ section below.

With the assistance of professional advisers, the Trustee reviews the investments at least quarterly, including the Scheme’s overall investment performance as well as the performance of each appointed investment manager.

The investment strategy agreed by the Trustee spreads the Scheme’s investments across a range of different assets with the main ones listed below. The lower returning/stable return assets are shown first with the assets expected to provide the higher but more variable returns shown last.

Liability Driven Investments assets such as UK Government Bonds (gilts), which provide secure long term returns to help match the Scheme’s long term commitments.

Property investments in commercial properties aimed at delivering long term income with a high degree of inflation linked rents as well as capital growth.

Multi-asset Credit investment in a wide range of credit-based asset classes. These can include senior bank loans, high yield bonds, emerging market government debt and asset backed credit investments which are expected to produce returns above those from government gilts but with additional risk.

Real Estate Debt consisting of loans that use properties as security against the loans, with the aim of producing attractive and relatively stable investment returns.

Equities shares in UK and overseas companies.

Your investment managers

The Scheme’s investment managers are appointed by the Trustee (UMSS Ltd – Company Registered Number: 03124410). They are responsible for the day-to-day management of the UMSS investments.

Your investment managers are: