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Whilst we work to update the website, you will find the most recent benefits guide. The Your Benefits Guide gives you an overview of your membership of the Scheme.

April 2019


Pension changes at 1 January 2019

The consultation outcome was announced on 26 October 2018. The changes come into effect on 1 January 2019. As a result, the information found on this site now relates to UMSS at 31 December 2018 only. You can read the Consultation Outcome newsletter in the Documents section.

December 2018


Consultation outcome and next steps

The outcome and next steps newsletter issued to active and eligible members is available the consultation website at www.umssconsult.manchester.ac.uk.

November 2018


Consultation outcome

The outcome of the consultation is now available on StaffNet. If you're a member of UMSS or eligible to join, find out more about what it means for you: Changes to UMSS announced.

November 2018


A message from the Trustee - Consultation update

The University's consultation with active members and eligible employees about changing the benefits in the Manchester Superannuation Scheme (UMSS) ended on 11 September 2018.

The University is now considering all feedback it has received and will make a decision on the outcome. Should the University decide to proceed with changes to UMSS, it will inform the Trustee and ask it to implement these changes. The University will then inform those it consulted with of the outcome.

More information will be shared over the coming weeks regarding the outcome of the consultation and next steps. Information is still available on the consultation website at umssconsult.manchester.ac.uk.

September 2018


A message from the Trustee about the University's proposals


You will have heard from the University that it is proposing to change the benefits it provides for active members of the University of Manchester Superannuation Scheme (UMSS). The information pack that was recently posted to all current UMSS members covers the proposed changes in detail; further information is available on www.umssconsult.manchester.ac.uk Please try to find time to take a look at your information pack and the website.

The University has proposed these changes following the 2016 actuarial valuation of UMSS that concluded in October 2017, details of which we sent to you in Pensions News in April 2018. Like many pension schemes similar to UMSS, the valuation showed that the cost of providing past and future benefits has risen significantly and, at the same time, the size of the deficit for past service benefits earned has also grown.


The proposal made by the University would affect the way pension benefits for active members of UMSS build up in the future.

The benefits active members have earned in the current CARE section up to 31 December 2018 would not be affected. For members in the Final Salary section, benefits earned up to 31 December 2018 would be linked to Final Pensionable Salary at that date with increases after this date as described in the University consultation pack.

Members of UMSS who have either already retired and are receiving their UMSS pension benefits (pensioners), or who have deferred benefits (deferred members), are not affected by these proposals. These members are not eligible to take part in the consultation.


The University is consulting about the proposals with active members of UMSS, eligible employees and the campus trade unions. At the end of the consultation period, the University will consider the feedback it has received and decide whether to go ahead with the proposals in their current form. Should the University decide to proceed with changes to UMSS, it will inform the Trustee and ask it to implement these changes. The University will then inform those it consulted of the outcome of the consultation.

What is the Trustee's role?

The Trustee's main duty is to try to make sure that the benefits that members have already built up are paid in full. These benefits are:

  • for current members of UMSS, the pension benefits built up during your employment with the University from when you joined UMSS to now.
  • all the benefit entitlements for pensioners and deferred members.

The Trustee will be following the consultation closely, because it has a duty to ensure as best it can that the consultation is carried out properly. Once the University has determined the level of future benefits, the Trustee will review whether it is satisfied UMSS meets the relevant funding requirements.

The Trustee continues to consider carefully the financial strength of UMSS as a whole. The Trustee has confidence in the long term financial well-being of the University and would like to stress that the current funding deficit in UMSS is being made good – please see the Recovery Plan included in the Scheme Funding Report 2016 on umss.co.uk for more details. The Trustee wants to make sure that the funding of UMSS remains robust whether the proposal goes ahead or not.

The University will provide further information following the consultation. If you would like to provide feedback, please visit www.umssconsult.manchester.ac.uk

June 2018

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